Monday, 6 January 2014


We're home! We arrived home early on New Year's Day and I feel like I have been washing non stop since! I thought it would take me weeks to unpack (we left with 3 bags and came home with six) but it was all done within 24 hours. Thank goodness.

We flew with China Southern and, just in case I don't get around to doing a separate post reviewing the experience, they were great!

While we were a little sad to have our fabulous holiday come to an end (we will miss our dear friends) we were also excited to see the work that went on in our house while we were gone.

Here are some 'before' photos of the main bedroom and ensuite:

The toilet with the sliding seat.
The only ventilation in the bathroom - a hole in the window!
The light that did not work.
Gutted and ready for its transformation.

Old wardrobes, carpet and built in thingy gone.
And a few very exciting 'after' photos:

New wardrobes.
The sticker on the toilet has now been removed!
Heat lamps!
I feel very lucky to have such a beautiful bathroom. Of course, there is now no excuse for any stray eyebrow hairs as, with a working light, I can now actually see them in all their glory. And with a new bedroom I think that this is the year for me to make a quilt for my bed.

Now on to even more exciting things! After being away for five weeks I couldn't wait to sit down and sew. So, after a sufficient amount of work was done packing and sorting the new bedroom (i.e. five days of toil) I rewarded myself with some time at my beloved Bernina. And made this!

Oven Mitts
It is the first block in Kristy at Quiet Play's Sew Kitschy paper pieced Block of the Month. On the first of each month (starting January 1st, 2014), Kristy lists the pattern free of charge  in her Craftsy shop. It will be free for the duration of the month only. If you don't want to collect a free pattern each month, the entire bundle of 9 patterns is available right now in Kristy's Craftsy shop. I love Kristy's patterns - they are so easy to follow, beautifully presented and never have any Y seams. 

These are the 9 blocks that will be forthcoming over the next 9 months. Aren't they great?
Sew Kitschy BoM Patterns by Quiet Play

So, do you want to join in with me and give it a go? I know you want to!!


  1. Welcome home! And a new fancy home at that! Your renovations look wonderful and Yes you should make a quilt for your bed! I'll leave the kitschy blocks up to you, I love them but I know I'd sew them upside down and back to front.

  2. WOW oh WOW on all fronts!! The bathroom; how luxurious does that look!! Well done!! AND.....those blocks, love, love, LOVE!! Yes you must stitch a beautiful new quilt befitting your beautiful new bedroom. Oh.......and welcome back to the "Land of Oz"!!

  3. Love your block... the mitt and pot holder are so bright and happy!


  4. Awesome to both the renovations and the oven mitt block :-) Love your new carpet as well. I think my machine needs a service ... it sounds really noisy ... but I have so many sewing projects to do!!

  5. we are in the process of remodeling our bathroom too. love your fabrics for you oven mitts.
    thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. Looks like you are settling back in well after your lovely trip away! You definitely should make a new quilt for your bed too!

    Your Sew Kitschy block looks fab- great fabric choices!

  7. Stunning reno and a great block, fabrics are wow :)

  8. Looks awesome! Bet that was a lovely treat to come home to! Glad to have you back. Maddie has missed her friends in the pew behind. :)


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