Thursday, 9 January 2014


I had the good fortune to test this paper pieced fox from my favourite pattern designer Kristy who blogs over at Quiet Play. The pattern will be available in Kristy's pattern store on Craftsy soon, most likely in February. Have a look at her other patterns - they are wonderful. Kristy is also responsible for the Sew Kitschy BoM which started this month (each pattern is free for the month and it's not too late to join!)

My photo of Foxy is not quite accurate - the background is brighter and the orange is not quite as bright as shown. I think my camera struggled with the contrast between the two colours.

This pattern has  a few fiddly bits, namely the face! I find that paper pieced patterns that have super large pieces or very small pieces have greater 'messing up' potential. I rank patterns according to how much I am able to daydream while making them. If I am able to daydream during the entire process then it is an easy pattern and suitable for a beginner. If I have to concentrate solely on sewing up the pattern then I categorize it as an advanced pattern. I think Foxy lies somewhere in between!

So, what shall I make with my Foxy?


  1. I LOVE how he turned out! So perfect! And yes definitely a fiddly one with that little face - but you did a fab job on it! And thanks for your lovely words about my patterns! :)

  2. he is a cutie x well done with all those fiddly bits x

  3. What a cute fox! He does look a bit fiddly. I like your daydream classification of projects.

  4. You have made him so cute! That orange/red is perfect for his fur.
    He'd make a cute pillow!


  5. WOW I can't believe I found a secret paper piecer. I love this fox!


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