Thursday, 9 January 2014

Quilt: Scrappers Delight

I have a football mum friend that I wanted to make a quilt for. Our sons have been playing in the same football team since they were five years old. Over the years I have noticed that my friend is quietly considerate and sensitive to the needs of others. She always goes the extra mile in every task she undertakes and is a wonderful example to those around her. I don't think she even realizes what a good influence she is on others. My friend is a single mother who supports her family without complaint. She is the first to volunteer when others are unable to fulfill their commitments, she is supportive and encouraging and is always happy!

I wanted to acknowledge her in some way - to thank her for the lovely person that she is. She is a 'behind the scenes' person - something with a lot of hoo hah would have made her feel uncomfortable. So, I decided to make her a quilt.

Even though I have known her for years, it was always in the context of football training, managing the team, coordinating rosters and game days. I had never been to her house and didn't know what colours or style she preferred. So I sent her an email telling her that I would love to knit her a pair of socks and what colour(s) would she like? I always tell the truth. I really did want to knit her a pair of socks, except I am a terrible knitter so it really wasn't possible! Her response to my email were the colours blue, green and purple.

Sunday Morning QuiltsAnd so a blue, green and purple quilt was made. Because a quilt can keep a person just as warm as woolly socks! I used Amanda Jean's Scrapper's Delight pattern from her book Sunday Morning Quilts. I love that book!

I used more blue than purple and green (simply because I wasn't sure I could pull off the colour combo!). I really enjoyed delving into my scraps for this quilt. I also cut into some fat quarters to ensure I had enough green in the mix.

I dropped off the completed quilt to my friend at the end of November (requesting that it be put under her Christmas tree!) - just before we left for our holiday. I was overjoyed when I received an email from my friend at Christmas time. She loved the quilt.
The pieced back.

I love making things for others. I love the feeling that I receive when I see their joy. I have learned that my handmade gift doesn't need to be perfect (though I do try!); people are touched when they realise that you have spent time making something for them. I love that in this way I can let them know that they are important to me.


  1. now thats the sort of gift we should make at least once xx well done .. and isnt it a RELIEF when it turns out right? and much better than any pair of socks I could ever make xx

  2. This is exactly what it is all about! How awesome!

  3. Being able to give quilts as gifts is one of the best things about quilting! Your friend would have been so happy to unwrap this gorgeous quilt on Christmas Day. When she saw the parcel she must have thought they were a huge pair of socks.

  4. Hahahaha, I love Rachaeldaisy's comment ... she must have thought the parcel was a huge pair of socks!!!! Beautiful quilt as always, J :-) The colours are so happy and vibrant! :-)

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  6. Oh my goodness! What a sweet thing to do! I love it!

  7. What a beautiful post and quilt - the sentiment behind your surprise gift and the joy with which you give it. THIS is what quilting is about. Thank you for the reminder and for your kind comment on my blog the other day.

  8. Why am I not surprised? You sound equally special. This is a lovely story and kindness will always go around full circle. You are both lucky ladies!


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