Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Teacher Gift: Dr Seuss Quilt

This is the last of the teacher quilts that I made for the end of the 2013 school year. I loved them all, but this one was different to the other three which were made using 5" squares. This quilt was made for Lily's year 1 teacher. I originally thought that I would make her a quilt made entirely as polka dots, as polka dots featured prominently in the classroom. When I shared my idea with Lily she was adamant that her teacher's quilt should be a Dr Seuss quilt. I am not the kind of mother to indulge my children 'just because' and I didn't have any Dr Seuss fabric, so I stuck to my polka dot idea.

As it happened, I needed a zip on the same day that I spoke to Lily about the quilt. I walked into my local quilt/sewing shop and lo and behold, they had Dr Seuss fabric on sale. For $6 a metre. And it was 240cm (94") wide. You know it. I bought some. And then Dr Seuss fabric just seemed to come to me.

So I made a Dr Seuss quilt!
The front
Closeup of the front panel. Lily loves reading the text and I love hearing it!
I chose to quilt this one with organic lines. I don't think there is anything about Dr Seuss is straight, do you? I was so pleased with how it turned out that I am going to make one for our family.

As it turned out, when Lily gave the quilt to her teacher she told us that she is pregnant with her first child. So, I hope that this quilt sees lots of dribbles, rolling around, bottom noises, milk vomits and cuddly moments!
The back.


  1. That is just wonderful - you have such a way with words! :-)

  2. What a great story! This quilt was really meant to be!

  3. Gorgeous quilt. I bet the teacher will love it!

  4. "It is fun to have fun, but you have to know how!" And......you Jeneta have stitched the 'funnest' quilt for the wee li'l baby!! It is filled with oodles of "VOOM"!!

  5. That is such a gorgeous story.
    Serendipitous all 'round!

  6. LOL! I bet it will be WELL loved by babies :)


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