Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Everyone in our family loves fruit. When we arrived home one of the first things that we did was to go to the shop to buy some fruit. And milk and bread. Arriving in Perth at 6am on New Years Day proved somewhat tricky though. We headed off mid morning to see if we could find a shop open that could meet our needs. Unfortunately we came home disappointed. We did find a few shops open and were able to buy bread and milk, but sadly the fruit on offer was dismal. It looked terrible and was very expensive. I'm just not prepared to pay $10 a kg (2.2lb) for marble sized plums that are softer than a cotton wool ball.

Lucky for us a friend agreed to purchase some fruit for us at the wholesale markets (he has a fruit and veg shop - we would have gone straight there but it is closed for renovations for a few more weeks!). I am so glad that he didn't mind getting up at 4am - what a friend!

We welcomed a box of nectarines (these are now all gone!), a box of bananas (also all gone, though quite a few are in the freezer to make banana ice cream), a box of plums, a box of cherries, a tray of mangoes and some Granny Smith apples. You can understand why we planted fruit trees in our yard - we now have twenty one! I turned 3 kg of the apples into two pies - we dropped one off to our friend to show our immense gratitude! Apparently the summer fruit season is very late in Perth this year.
What's the fruit like where you are? Do you buy in bulk like us?


  1. I just moved - I lived in Whitehorse Yukon for 26 years, and the only fruit that grows there is blueberries and raspberries and cranberries. A few others, but those were the only ones I picked. Last month I moved to southern BC and I can't wait for spring. All kinds of fruit will grow here! apples, cherries, plums, pears, grapes, berries...I will be picking and freezing and canning and growing fruit all summer long - I can't wait!

  2. Funny you should say, but I have just picked the biggest bowl of fresh, drip down your chin, raspberries, together with oodles of strawberries!! How wonderful to have fruit trees....there is nothing better than growing your own fruit and vegies. Down here in this far rural outpost, we have to eat what's in season.


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