Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Finish Along 2014

I am excited to participate in the Finish Along hosted by Katy of The Littlest Thistle.

Finish Along 2014

The idea is to help participants to finish projects that have been hanging around for a while.

I have a few of those.

So, here is my ambitious list for the first quarter of the FAL. I figure that I might as well go big, as then there is at least the possibility that I will complete anything. And if not, it can roll over into the next Finish Along quarter.

So here is my list:

1.     A London themed cushion cover using these fabrics. My brother in law and his wife are moving to the US after living in London since they were married. They are coming for a visit to Australia on their way and arrive on 11 Feb.  So as soon as the kids are back at school I'm on to this!
2.     This scrappy quilt top. I originally put this together with charm squares I received in a swap group. These are the squares that I wasn't going to use in any other project (not all of them are ugly, but most of them are!), so I thought they would be great to practice my free motion quilting on. It will then live in the boot of the car.

3.     My Aneela Hoey 'Cherry Christmas' quilt top has been sitting in my unfinished box for over a year. It's a smaller lap size quilt, so this one should be a quick finish. Once I find something to back it with.
4.     My Kate Spain 'Cuzco' scrappy quilt top. The top is two thirds complete and just needs another 8 blocks added before it is ready for quilting and binding.
5.     Another blue, green and purple 'Scrappers Delight' that I recently blogged about here. I am making another one because I made way too many blocks for the first one. The extra blocks just need to be trimmed and then sewn together.
6.     My scrappy trip along quilt. Most people made these a year or two ago. I'm only getting around to it now! My 16" strips are sewn together in pairs, so there is still a fair bit to do on this one. Though scrappy trip alongs are quick, right?
7.     My 'And Sew On' quilt top. I got behind and still have two blocks to make before I can sew this one up.
8.     This one's pushing it, but a couple of years ago I participated in a polaroid block swap. I made my blocks, swapped them with others and that's where it ended.
So that's my list. To start with. I'm excited!


  1. That's a huge list!! Joining in the FAL will keep you focused. I'll enjoy watching your progress.

  2. You will certainly be one busy gal!! Such a plethora of pretties to stitch, whiling away your day!!

  3. Is that a list for the whole year?? Is that how it works?? What about your batik quilt top ... I was thinking about that the other day, did that get finished?? Photos?? Good luck with your projects, I have a similar list, haha!!

  4. Have fun! Look like you have of a fun list to finish!
    Amira @ http://littlemushroomcap.blogspot.com

  5. Good luck with the list, I'm looking forward to seeing where those polaroids end up :o)

  6. Wow! You've got quite a lot on your list! My goodness! I wish I had as much time as you! Can't wait to see all of them finished :)


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