Monday, 29 October 2012

Felt Faces For Busy Bags

There are quite a few blogs out there in blogland that I enjoy. They provide all kinds of inspiration and ideas. One of these is by Hannah from Paint on the Ceiling. Hannah and Bek at Just For Daisy recently hosted a 'Busy Bag Swap'. Hannah's blog describes a busy bag as: "a small zip lock bag (or similar) containing an activity that can be done independently or with minimal assistance by your toddler! Basically it's a simple yet engaging activity to keep them busy while you're busy! Great for the car, shops, waiting room or while cooking dinner!".

Each participant chooses an activity and then makes 11 busy bags. I chose to make 'Felt Faces' (here is probably a good spot to say that I didn't want to go near a pair of scissors or felt for weeks after all that cutting!). I kept one busy bag for myself and then sent the other 10 off to Hannah and Bek to sort and distribute to everyone. This week I expect to receive 10 other different busy bag activities!

One of the many felt face configurations!
Felt Faces or Funny Faces as it is referred to by some is not my own idea. Pinterest and a Google search will come up with a vast array of commercial and homemade versions. I took the idea and made up my own components. The face just fits on an A4 piece of paper. My favourite pieces are the eyes - three different coloured pieces of felt sewn together (I wasn't comfortable just gluing them together if they were going anywhere near toddlers!).

Admittedly, I made myself (and another for a dear friend!) an extended  version of the busy bag that I sent off. Ours has some extra felt face pieces such as glasses and pink hair!

While this activity is ideally aimed at younger children, even Zoe (8yrs) has enjoyed making all kinds of kooky faces.

This would make a fantastic gift for a family with little ones. And the bonus?...very inexpensive!

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  1. Awwww, thank you dear friend!!

    (It's good to know what that wonky looking red piece is for ... a mouth, ahhhh, I was trying to work it out!!!! Makes perfect sense now, silly me!!)

    I must say that I love how all the eyes are sewn together. The commercial versions I've seen do not go to that detail, they just print onto a single piece of felt. And yes, the pink hair and glasses were a favourite of Miss Three last week!


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