Thursday, 26 December 2013

Disney's newest movie 'Frozen'

We went to see Disney's Frozen as part of Zoe's birthday celebrations. It is a wonderful movie and we all loved it! Our favourite character was, of course, Olaf the snowman. Ever since arriving in Park City we have wanted to make a snowman. Unfortunately the greatest snow on earth is so powdery that it doesn't stick together. Small snowballs were impossible, let alone an entire snowman!

Last Friday we were blessed with some more unusual weather which resulted in a day of snow that had more moisture in it (more akin to New York snow) - perfect for building a snowman!

What do you think? Tell me he's very handsome (look at that beautiful buck tooth!). We learned that making a snowman takes hours of work!!


  1. VERY handsom xx Hope you have had a great day xx

  2. Your snowman, Jeneta is very handsome, very handsome indeed; which happens to be posing in front of the most glorious 'snowscape'!! You sound as if you are all having the best time!!

  3. Hehe great snowman! Sounds like fun birthday celebrations and hope you had a lovely Christmas!

  4. Wow. Biggest snowman I ever made was 2 inches high! Great family Holiday you are giving your kiddies. That view looks like a movie set!

  5. That is such an impressive snowman!! It looks just like a Christmas card. Happy Birthday to Zoe.


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