Friday, 17 January 2014

Alzheimer's Sensory Cushions

I love the phrase 'one good turn deserves another'. Imagine the ripples of goodness that could be made if every person in this world showed a kindness which was then passed on. I know that many of you do and I am grateful that I seem to be surrounded by you! Last year (let me remind you that it is January so 'last year' doesn't sound so bad!) when Zoe was in need of some 5" squares of yellow fabric for a quilt she has underway we applied the 'one good turn deserves another' motto.

The quilt that Zoe decided to make required twelve, 5" charms in each of seven colours. The twelve fabrics needed to be different. As we starting selecting from the fabric we already had, we discovered that we didn't have much yellow, and we certainly didn't have anywhere near twelve different yellow fabrics. Rather than purchasing a whole lot of different yellow fabrics only to cut a 5" square out of each, I proposed a swap with the lovely members of the Rainbow Fabric Fun Facebook page in Australia. The ladies were extremely generous and sent us some lovely yellow 5" charms. Two of them asked for no fabric in return, but that we do a kindness or good deed for someone else.

Our kindness became these sensory cushions for Alzheimers Australia. Sensory cushions can be expensive - up to $100 - for sufferers that don't have someone who can make one for them. We used the guideline here, as well as images we found after a Google search.
Google search results!

Zoe sketched our a design on paper and then set about making it a reality. I was impressed that she thought about the texture of fabrics, the brightness of colours, gender neutrality and used what we already had. Zoe's design included sliding beads, zips, pockets, stretchy pulls, buttons, ties and a smoochy section to be used like a stress ball. I helped with the zip. After all, I feel like I have really only conquered zips in the last few years.

The top loop is from a pair of Zoe's shoes that were worn out. We were about to throw them away so Zoe harvested the diamante strap to use on her cushion.

Our finished cushions. Zoe's is on the left, mine is on the right. Zoe's turned out much better than mine. How wonderful that we can always learn from the youth of today. Particularly when you have taught them all that they know. Not that I am old.


  1. Great job Zoe! (oh, and Jeneta too!)

  2. What a wonderful initiative!! Loving these cushions!! Obviously Zoe has the same creative stitching genes as her (not aged) mum!!

  3. stopped by from SS.. I had to pin the cute fun pillows, I bet I make a few, the inspiration is endless..
    thanks for stopping by my blog


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