Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Easy Origami Gift Bag

I have a really long list of projects that I would like to make. Some are big and time consuming and some are small and quick. Last year I saw these origami fabric bags popping up all over the place (well, mostly on Pinterest!) and I finally sat down to make one. Because they looked quick.

They are easy peasy! Two fat quarters and a bit of ribbon are all that is needed (and, of course, a sewing machine).

There was no point in me doing a tutorial - there is already a fabulous one at the crafty mummy.

I think these would be wonderful for gifting home made treats like biscuits, toffee or popcorn balls.

I know this origami bag design has been around for a long time. Have you made one?


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  2. This is positively soooooo cool!! I must make one or two..........

  3. What a gorgeous bag!!! I love the fabrics you've used!

  4. I've never seen them before!! How lovely :-) I particularly love the brown fabric with flowers, so cute!


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