Tuesday, 18 February 2014


 We've had a few mysteries during the last couple of weeks. Head scratching incidents. This sheet for example. One morning it appeared on the floor of the play room. It is the top sheet of one of the sets that I use on the children's beds, but nobody knew where it came from or how it got there. Nobody. And nobody was missing a top sheet from their bed. Eli was certain that Jed put it there. I, however, was sure that Jed was not responsible. He was on school camp.
 And then there is the totem tennis pole. I went outside one morning before school to find it stuck in the ground. Without the ball attached. Mysteriously nobody knew how it got there. I know it wasn't there the night before, as I had gone outside after the children were in bed. Another mystery.
This mystery is a recurring one. I like to call it 'the mystery of the empty toilet roll'.  An empty toilet roll simply appears on top of the cistern, or sometimes on the toilet floor. Nobody knows how it gets there. Luckily the empty toilet roll is never found on the toilet roll holder. Even when I removed all the toilet paper from the vicinity of this toilet (which is upstairs), I still was not able to solve the mystery of the empty toilet roll.

And then there is this. I will give you fair warning prior to the photos. The photos you are about to see are fairly graphic and may be mistaken for something they are not. Let me assure you that they are my elbows.

When Eli went to kindy for the first time he had a half day. I dropped off the children at school - including Eli - and then spent a lovely couple of hours with a friend at a cafe. I enjoyed a hot chocolate, laughter and conversation with my very thoughtful friend. It was her idea to go to the cafe during my baby's Eli's first kindy experience. During our time at the cafe my left elbow felt a little tender. To my surprise, it had a blister on it that had burst.

Later that day I discovered another blister on my right elbow. How does anyone get blisters on each of their elbows??? I know I do lots of laundry and spend enormous amounts of time in the kitchen or behind a vacuum cleaner, but those things don't give you blisters on your elbows!

What a mystery! The only possible explanation I can come up with is that I need to spend more time in cafes with lovely friends. And refine my table manners. Because I must have had my elbows on the table at the cafe and in my enthusiasm rubbed the skin off them.

Does anyone have any other explanations?

Oh, and may I just add that it is very tricky to take photos of your own elbows!
Left elbow. Very attractive.
Right elbow. No less attractive than the left elbow.

Friday, 7 February 2014


Eli started kindergarten this week. In Western Australia 4 year old children are provided with the opportunity to attend kindergarten for five days a fortnight. Compulsory, full time schooling begins at age five with a year of preprimary, followed by year one. Eli hasn't attended school before, but with three older siblings he is very familiar (and very comfortable!) with school. Eli is very affectionate and loves to greet teachers with a loud "hello" and a squeezy hug. Almost everyone knows his name. Probably because he introduces himself.

The perfect kindy shoes; no laces.
During the week Eli attended two half day sessions, before starting full days of kindy next week. He has been excited about starting school from the moment we arrived home from our big holiday. I have been excited for him too, though part of me wants to squash him up and not let him grow any more. I love having him around. We are good friends.

In the days leading up to Eli starting school I felt a range of emotions. Eli is the youngest of my four children, so all of his 'firsts' will be the last for me. I was reminiscing on the array of cute behaviours that Eli has as a four year old. The mispronunciation of words such as 'mouthguard' instead of 'lifeguard'. 'Eye tacks' instead of 'contacts' (Jed wears contacts). 'Sea guile' instead of 'seagull' (they don't seem to have a lot of guile if you have a hot chip in your hands!), 'yat' instead of 'that' (we're working on the 'th' sound. It's the only time that I have encouraged any of my children to stick out their tongue) and 'baby feed thing' for 'nipple' (this came about when he was trying to tell me that one of his nipples was a bit sore from his rash top).
 I particularly love his term of endearment for me. Each one of my children has called me Mamma. Each one has also then called me by my first name around the age of three and a half. Eli was no different. Except that he added an extra stage. He calls me sweetheart. And I love it. I don't even mind hearing him call out "Sweetheart, sweetheart. Can you wipe my bottom?".
A bit of craft before going to kindy today. Because you never have too much practice at tearing off sticky tape.
Eli has loved his introduction to kindergarten. And I have been fine. I haven't even started talking to myself. Yet.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

FAL 2014 {finish}

 These three fabrics were on my Finish Along list for the first quarter of 2014 (I really love the grey on grey dots. It goes without saying that the London themed fabric is simply charming).
My brother in law and his wife arrive from London next week, so it made sense that I finish their cushion cover ahead of any other unfinished projects on my list. Never mind that it was also the smallest project!
 Lily assisted me with the layout of the front. Her suggestion of a thin dark frame around the London feature fabric mirrored my thoughts exactly.
I'm not convinced that the black and white back suits the front, but I am not changing it regardless of my feelings. It's on there and it's staying on there (though the recipients may do what they like with it of course). My original thinking was that the embroidered motifs somewhat resembled the London Eye. I think it's the white that is putting my off, given that the faint beige text in the background of the London fabric gives it a beige appearance. Never mind. It is the back of the cushion after all!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Chugging Along {cushion}

When Esther who blogs at ipatch put out a call for pattern testers for a paper pieced train block I just couldn't resist putting up my hand. Eli is a train fanatic, so I knew that he'd be excited as soon as I mentioned the word 'train'.
I was right. As soon as I had finished the train block (or locomotive as referred to by Esther, who is clearly more refined than me!) Eli wanted to carry it around with him. Um, no. I'm not quite finished with it.
 I also tested another of Esther's lovely blocks - a passenger car.
After removing all the bits of paper from the back of each block (my least favourite task in the paper piecing process) I put them together to make Eli a cushion.

A simple envelope back and biscuits inside!
Eli loves his new cushion. Thank you Esther!
 Esther's patterns will be appearing here if you would like to make your own train. She also has other blocks (caboose, coal car, water tower and others!) to complete the whole train 'scene'!

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