Saturday, 19 January 2013


Kristy at Quiet Play gave me the opportunity to test some paper pieced patterns before releasing them to the general public (saying that makes me feel very special!). Based around teapots (that's probably quite obvious!), these blocks were really enjoyable to put together.

I like paper piecing. For those that haven't come across it before, paper piecing is a technique that involves sewing pieces of fabric to a pattern that is printed on paper. The order of the fabric sewn is decided by following a numerical sequence. So basically you sew bits of fabric to the paper starting at number 1 and then continuing in numerical order until
there are no more numbers!

Teapot, sugar bowl and milk jug.
Paper piecing allows you to be really precise without having to cut out precise pieces of fabric! Seams are sewn first and then trimmed. Once the fabric pieces are all sewn on to the paper and the block is complete, the paper is then torn away and you are left admiring your beautiful block!

There are quite a few sites offering free paper pieced patterns if you'd like to have a go. The only down side to paper piecing is that it uses more fabric than regular piecing (when I do it that is!). It is great for using up scraps.

Teapot and teacups (I am yet to embroider the hooks for the teacups to hang on!)
What do you think I should turn these three 10" (25cm) blocks into?


  1. Your blocks turned out so well! Thank you for testing them for me!

    Might work as mug rugs or pot holders? Or too big?

    1. I was thinking along those lines. The pink teapot and sugar/creamer blocks would be great as mug rugs if I trim the top of the blocks to make them rectangular. It would be great to have a few mug rugs in the wings for when I decide to join a mug rug swap on a whim! The blue teapot and teacups would be great as a pot holder (though I was wondering if I keep this block and then use it as part of a 'blue' quilt).

      I absolutely loved making these - thanks for the opportunity (though I am glad that all 7 patterns were not available. Thanks for your wisdom with that!)!

  2. Oh, I love the pink teapot, what gorgeous fabric. No idea what you could turn them into, but I'm sure it'll be something fabulous!

    1. Would you use a pink teapot mug rug at your house?

  3. Beautiful! I haven't tried paper piecing yet....It looks like so much work! But I have a friend who designed a pattern recently so will be trying that soon.

  4. How fabulous are those blocks!! I love the fabrics youve used. I've got a quilt that I've been thinking would look good with teapots and tea cups and have been tossing up whether to appliqué or paper piece...
    Mug rugs would be so cute!!!


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