Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Rockmelon and Butternut

One of our rockmelons growing happily.
We recently enjoyed a lovely week away where we spent almost every day relaxing at the beach or at the pool. We have never watched so many dvd's before! After a busy year and Christmas season it was much needed and thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated.

Our first butternut pumpkin - the vine is taking over the garden bed!
Upon our return I went out to the backyard (after loading up the 9.5kg washing machine with sheets!) to see if the garden had missed me (it hadn't!) and discovered these beauties. Five rockmelons (canteloupe to some, including my mum!) had trebled in size and a butternut pumpkin had begun growing.  So far we seem to have done well growing rockmelons, tomatoes and cucumbers (so try these if you are thinking about starting a vegie garden but want success and live in a temperate climate!). Unfortunately we picked one of the rockmelons too early, but have enjoyed some ripe ones after learning from our error. I'm looking forward to turning the butternut into a pumpkin pie (must post the recipe - even if you live in the US and pride yourself on your pumpkin pie I think you really ought to try my recipe (well, Tim's mum's recipe!)!).

Do you have a pumpkin pie that you think could rival mine?


  1. Impressive!! A woman of many talents :-) You need to lend me your green thumb as mine is most definitely a brown thumb!!

    1. I'm not so sure it is a green thumb as a plant-lots-and-hopefully-a-few-will-grow approach!

    2. That doesn't quite make sense does it!

  2. Hahaha, I know what you mean!!


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