Tuesday, 23 December 2014

star wars {recycled art work}

We have two very old (from the 70's - I guess I just called myself old!!) Star Wars board games that we have only played once. As much as we love Star Wars in our house, these games just aren't very fun to play!

I decided that we either use these games or they had to go. As there was no interest in playing them I decided to repurpose one of them. Our Escape From Death Star box went to school and became part of a year 7 mathematics project. This is the board that is now homeless!
The cards that were part of this game were also repurposed into a piece of Star Wars art work for Lily's room.  We picked over all the cards and chose 18 that were in the best condition.

I used the same red-with-pink-polka-dots paper that I used for Lily's art display frame. It made a nice background against the black and white cards.

The most difficult part of this quick and simple project was deciding how to place the Star Wars cards. I was in favour of three columns of lined up cards. Lily preferred rows of alternating angled cards.

As the project was for Lily we did it her way! I like it.
Some glue and an Ikea frame and it's ready to hang on the wall.
This particular wall is a dedicated Star Wars wall!
Any ideas on how to repurpose my boxless Star Wars game board?


  1. That is so fun!! I like the way you have a StarWars wall!!

  2. Ps. If i think of something you can use for the board I'll let you know.

  3. Oh wow!! How great does this art work look!! Lily has a very good eye doesn't she. Her way looks brilliant!! As for any ideas for the board...I fear I am clueless; my brain is addled. I will mull it over and get back to you, shall I??


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