Saturday, 27 December 2014

epic fail

Image from Joshua who blogs at Molli Sparkles.
Like all Australians, I was saddened by the recent siege in Sydney where two hostages lost their lives. This event has rocked our nation. I guess it's the kind of thing that we watch on the news when it occurs in other countries, saddened but not worrying that it will happen in Australia.

Joshua, who was a fellow Rainbow Bee member a few years ago, is organising the making of quilts for the families of the hostage victims who lost their lives. He has requested 5.5" hash tag blocks made from tone on tone bright fabrics with a white background.

I think the making of quilts is a lovely way to do a little something for the families of the victims. I hope that they will feel loved and supported as they deal with the grief of their loss.
Today I sewed up my hash tag blocks according to Joshua's tutorial. 1080 blocks are needed for 6 quilts and my contribution of 5 blocks was not going to make a huge dent, but it is from lots of little things that large things come about. I was happy with my progress until I went to square up my blocks.
Disaster! They were 1/4" too small along two edges. No, no, no!

I am blaming my new sewing machine foot. Or rather, my incompetence at using my new sewing machine foot. The foot that is supposed to ensure precise 1/4" seams.

So, no blocks to be sent to Joshua yet. Not wanting to waste them I sewed them into one larger block and then put them in the orphan block box.


  1. SO frustrating when this happens .. never mind .. you know what to look out for now when you make the next block for this wonderful project x

  2. Awwww......that's a bummer! So sweet of you to donate your time and blocks, though. It's so frustrating when blocks are off by that little bit.


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