Wednesday, 31 December 2014

christmas favourites

I hope you had a lovely Christmas. I certainly did. It was just the right balance of anticipation, excitement, celebration and relaxation. With lots of turkey and ham.

Apart from Christmas Day itself, I enjoy the weeks leading up to Christmas. We always put up our Christmas tree and our decorations at the beginning of December. My favourite decorations for our home are our nativities.
Some are for playing with and some are not.
Eli's favourite nativity is our Fisher Price set that made it's first appearance this year. I was very fortunate to pick it up at Kmart for $10 in the after Christmas sales two years ago. We didn't put it out last year as we spent Christmas in the US.
 See how much it is loved?
 The angel was missing for a little while. It was Eli that found the angel. He must have remembered where he put it.
 As I was taking the nativity photos I noticed that a star was missing from one of our home made coil trees. It was probably flung off 'by accident'!
 We did add another nativity this year - a creation that I will blog about separately!
 I will leave you with a few favourite gifts.
Eli's adores this plastic microphone (because his voice isn't loud enough already!).
I love this 'make-a-box-into-a-train' kit. We often turn boxes into things, but this kit as a real steering wheel!
Lily is enjoying her magic kit. She's pretty good!
Lily's favourite gift was a picture mounted on board.
Zoe received a very beautiful cello. Our two years of hiring through school (at a very minimal cost - thank you!) are over, so it was time to purchase.
And just so you don't think Jed was forgotten, he was given a new bike.

I like to think that my children appreciate how generous their parents and Santa have been!

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