Wednesday, 31 December 2014

improv cushions {a finish}

I am so pleased to have finished these cushions! They are number 4 on my Finish Along list.

Let's start with Lily's cushion.
Lily's improv cushion - front
I love the retro zoo fabric that is on the back.
Here is Zoe's (her favourite fabric line is Summersville. Can you tell?)
A Summersville print on the back. No surprise!
And Eli's.
I love the bunting print on the back of Eli's cushion. And of course, I made a covered zipper enclosure for each cushion. I just can't bring myself to make cushions any other way!
Don't they look great stacked on the couch?
It's almost been a year since these cushions began. It's great to have them finished and in use.
Finish Along 2014

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