Wednesday, 24 December 2014

chewy mints pet {recycled craft}

We love to reuse things in our house, but there are also items that go straight to the recycling bin. When I found that the tin of mints that I kept in my handbag was empty I attempted to put the empty tin into the recycling bin. I was thwarted.

Eli suddenly became very attached to the tin (probably because it has a flip top lid), so we repurposed it into a fun - and very simple - container.

All we needed was the tin, some contact and electrical tape. Here's what you need to do to make one of your own (very high tech, so listen closely!!).
Wrap the tin in electrical tape.
Trim where needed (in this case, the top of the lid).
 Check that the flip top lid still works.
Cut out two eyes from the contact.
 Stick them on and add some black pupils with permanent marker.
Yes - it's upside down!
 No need to draw a mouth - just open the lid!
Note: Zoe glued on a tongue at Eli's request.

Have you ever repurposed something? What is your favourite repurposed project or item?

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