Wednesday, 1 October 2014

the most amazing needle book in the world!

Well, it has certainly been a while since I visited my own blog! All is well - life has just been so busy that things like blog posts get left off the list of things to do.

A while ago (ahem, three months ago) I participated in a needle book swap hosted by Amy. I shared the needle book that I sent to my partner and have been looking forward to sharing the needle book that I received. It is the truly the most amazing needle book in the entire world. And I do not embellish when I say this.
My partner - Lazy Bee Garden - showered me with gifts. I felt so special that I was sniffing back the tears as I unwrapped all the packages. I was surrounded by three of my four children (12 year old boys aren't really interested in mail addressed to their mother!) who were well aware that I was eagerly awaiting a package. And they were as excited as I was.
 So as not to spend two hours of your time, I will show you a selection (there were even more than this!) of the gifts bestowed upon me. My partner sent me two fat quarters, one of them being the fabric used for my needle book (and it's coordinating accessories!).
 A log cabin ornament. This will look great on the tree at Christmas time. For the rest of the year it hangs on a knob on my hutch in the living room. I love it!
 A skinny pinny. With the most amazing butterfly embellishment. I have always wanted a skinny pinny! Actually, this is my first pin cushion - thank you partner!
 A letter 'J' sticky note pad. I love sticky note pads - by this point I was wondering how my partner knew me so well.
And then the most amazing needle book in the world. You will need to sit down before you look at the remaining photos. I nearly had to breathe into a paper bag when I first saw it. With such an uncommon name as mine I have never had anything personalised. I am deeply touched to have my name so beautifully embroidered on the front. And look at that adorable needle!
Look at this beautiful page.
I adore the butterfly pin.
 There is a packet of embroidery needles in the pocket on the left. Yes, it's a pocket!
The second page reveals more felt pages, that are black and smaller. My partner is so creative.
 This is the third (and middle) page of the needle book. Look at those fancy pins. I have fancy pins! Oh, and while I don't claim to be the best photographer, my foot is supposed to be in this photo. I wanted my very talented needle book partner to see that I love the combination of black and red.
 My partner designed the entire needle book, which measures 7" x 6" when closed. It closes using a press stud, which is sewn with perfectly neat stitches. I am continually filled with awe when I see the craftsmanship of my needle book.
 The last page is the ultimate. A zippered pocket with a lovely zipper pull.
 Stunning embroidery scissors. Another first for me.
 Beautiful embroidered details. Now that would probably take me an hour to sew.

 I knew that I would be receiving a needle book as a participant in the swap organised by Amy, but I didn't expect it to be so overwhelmingly fabulous. Neither did I expect anything other than a needle book. Can you feel my gratitude? Thank you Lazy Bee Garden - I love and appreciate your hand made goodness. I am immensely touched by the time that you took to make such beautiful things just for me. As I was writing up this post Zoe came over to see what I was doing. In reference to you, my wonderful swap partner, Zoe said "She is awesome." I agree. You are awesome.


  1. Your needle book is gorgeous. Lots of detail makes this a very special needle book. I have joined a few mini quilt swaps recently and I love the anticipation in waiting for the item to arrive and then seeing someone elses talented work. xx

  2. what gorgeous gifts,enjoy.xx

  3. most certainly is is a wonderful needle book.... it's so lovely getting a present that someone has been so thoughtful about.....

  4. you did do well x Isnt it wonderful when your partner "gets" you and reflects that in the goodies she sends? xx your

  5. No wonder you needed a paper bag Jeneta! The needlebook is simply stunning, great colours, wonderful accessories, beautifully stitched...
    It's amazing how something that is so modest in size can have such a big impact on our hearts...
    Now you will be one very stylish stitcher!!

  6. Me thinks I would've needed the oxygen tank!! My oh Zoe so succinctly articulated....."AWESOME"!! Each and every detail of your goodies is truly gorgeous. Lucky gal, receiving such a serendipitous package! Enjoy!

  7. Wow!! All of LBG's creations are amazing!! I love that she has thought of every little detail!! I can just imagine you holding back tears, it's quite a special thing to receive a gift that someone has stitched for you. Awesome is the right word!!

  8. Simply stunning!!! Some people are so clever, and so generous with their time. I bet that even though 3 months have passed, you're still in awe of this lady's awesomeness!!

  9. So relieved to see you baaaack . . .and with a great post . . . what a beautiful needle book Jeneta!
    (However I am not surprised . . a kind and creative gal . . . deserves such treats!)

  10. Hello Jeneta,
    I am visiting from Blue Mountain Daisy blog as she follows you. I love all the little details of this needle book. It is wonderful. I wanted to introduce myself as I too have a name similar to you :) I don't see that very often. I invite you to visit me at my blog :) hppt:// I have enjoyed several of your posts on my visit today. Happy to meet you. Janita

  11. OPPS wrong address :) Janita


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