Sunday, 26 October 2014

goodbye old faithful

You've been so reliable and were remarkably cheap.
Each child has loved your little red squeak.
Used only indoors, you have lasted so long;
over ten years and you're still going strong.

We'll miss seeing your speed as you drive through the house.
 But the time has come for you to live somewhere else.
Eli is too big and we need some more space.
I have already put a blanket box in your place.
Thanks for the memories and skid marks on the floor.
We wish you the best, but we'll see you no more!
The op shop will probably sell you for a dollar.
But your value is in the memories you helped make for our toddlers.
Goodbye old faithful.


  1. Oh I have a tear in my eye! My goodness, for 10 years of continual love and serviceability to your kids, he/she is looking pretty damn good and still there's a smile on the face!! Love,
    love,love this post, Jeneta. Your poem is very clever!

  2. What a special post to honour something that has been in your lives for 10 years. The memories will remain forever. And little squeaky will go on to spread happiness to other children and families.

  3. Sniff, sniff! I have rationalised a few "old faithfuls" recently too. It's a bittersweet job, but has to be done!

  4. aaaaah... those lovely toys that amuse for so long...


  5. Oh Jeneta . . This is so poignant.
    "he" looks so beautifully cared for...and this poem will make your kiddies weep when they are older...but what a wonderful reminder for them. you are so clever!


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