Wednesday, 15 October 2014

craft fair {books}

Some months ago I attended the annual  Craft & Quilt Fair that tours nationally. I don't go every year - I find that there aren't enough differences from year to year to go every time it's on - but a friend and I hadn't been for a considerable number of years. So this year we went!

It is always lovely to stroll amongst beautiful things. Fabric. Long arm quilting machines. Fabric. Patterns. Fabric. Quilts. I always love the quilts that are on display. I didn't take any photos of the quilt display, but have some very bad shots of the purchases I made.

After seeing some Japanese pattern books on various blogs I was keen to get my hands on one. Particularly as the English version had just been released. I hadn't done my research before going to the fair and bought my book by Yoshiko Tsukiori for $29.99. The Book Depository will it mail it to you - anywhere in the world - for a total cost of $22.23 (AUD). 
Tidy little pattern pocket in the back.
Oh well! Clearly a matter of being swept up in the excitement of being at the fair!
These are three of my favourite patterns from the book. I have a linen blend patiently waiting to be sewn into pants.
 That really is a terrible photo! My apologies to the model.

I also bought two other books that were only $10 each. I didn't need them, but I do like to flick through quilting books with one hand and a warm Milo (or hot chocolate) in the other.

This book contains quilts made entirely from solids.
They are all very modern designs.
I love this one. The circle is machine appliqued, with the edges left raw.
 This book was just a bit of fun!
Who knows when you might need a pineapple?
 Or some lemonade during the summer months?
My only other purchase (apart from an amazing 'home made' pie at lunch time) was a panel of quilt labels.
I LOVE these quilt labels! They are Handmade with Love by Sweetwater for Moda. 
 This is one of my favourite, but I really do like every single one of them. So much, that I purchased another panel - the colour version - a few weeks after the fair.
There are about 24 quilt labels per panel. In Australia they are priced around $7 per panel.

So now I just need to finish some quilts so that I can use my lovely new labels!


  1. Aren't the annual craft fairs the best. Some serious purchasing there, Jeneta. I love the Japanese pattern books; I have one sitting on the shelf waiting for me to create a few lovely garments. I can see many lovely magic blocks being stitched by your clever fingers and those quilt labels are so cool.

  2. You found some wonderful things at the fair!! I love those Japanese books to look at, I'm not quite the right build for the patterns though. Those labels are so fun!

  3. Great books.. it is a bit frustrating when you find it is cheaper elsewhere but sometimes you just need to get it then.... lovely labels too .... now you need to make all the things to add them to???? haha...

  4. The best part about craft shopping would be having a friend with you!


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