Tuesday, 14 October 2014

star wars {block progress}

Boba Fett - a bounty hunter. Lily insisted on this character.
I have added a few blocks to my Lego Star Wars collection.
For a while after the Chewbacca block I didn't think of him as fondly as I did before sewing him. I have now forgiven him for making me utterly confused with the slight differences in all the browns (which resulted in a lot of unpicking). Enough time has now passed for me to like Chewbacca again.
C3PO. As if you needed to be told.
This is what all six blocks look like together. Let me reassure you that I did use the same background fabric for all the blocks. My terrible photography just makes them look different. Oh, and I will embroider faces on them. Eventually.

One more thing. Don't worry about Yoda's face. That funny looking stain on the left isn't really there in real life. Promise!
So, still only six blocks. I'm going to pick up the pace, as I'm still determined to have this bed quilt finished for Lily by Christmas. Most likely midnight on Christmas eve!


  1. These are so cool!!! I was more worried about Yodas lack of eyes and didn't notice the ghostly smudge on his face. I can't help doing Chewbacca noises...

  2. Oh you are so clever with all that detail... and patient too.. they are looking great...

  3. Looking great!! You can do it, you can do it!!

  4. My son would absolutely love this.... the blocks are great so much detail....

  5. Oh wow, Jeneta....you are doing a stellar with your Star Wars blocks. So, so much detail...amazing!!

  6. Hi Jeneta,wow these blocks are awesome,well done.xx


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