Tuesday, 29 July 2014

mable monkey

Lily loving her Mable.
I am so pleased to have finished Mable monkey. She is the third Mable I have made. The pattern pieces for all three were cut out at the same time (over a year ago!). Two were completed, but Lily's Mable just didn't get finished. I think she got a bit lost under the mending pile next to my sewing machine.

I am pleased that I have finished something on my Finish Along list for the third quarter of the year, but even more pleased that Lily is delighted with her very own Mable monkey.

Finish Along 2014
Incidentally, isn't it a curious way to spell 'Mable'? Mable came from a Softies book that I absolutely love.
Softies Only a Mother Could Love - ed. Jess Redman and Meg Leder
The softies in this book are adorable with a slight quirkiness.

Here is Lily's Mable monkey hanging out with Eli's Mable.

And here is Mable's tail after I reattached it. It lasted about 45 minutes the first time around. Lily made the yoyo underneath the button. She also stuffed all of Mable's body parts.
So, no more Mables for me for a while!


  1. Yay!!! Mable is finished!!! She is such a cutie!!!

  2. Hi Jeneta,they are so cute,well done.xx

  3. So cute, especially the button tail!

  4. Mabel looks delighted to have been extricated from under the piles of darning and to be hanging out with her Mabel friends!! Lily's Mabel is very, very cute. Love, love, love the yo yo!! I'm guessing that you are all Mabel-ed out!!

  5. Eli's Mable looks pretty pleased with himself to find a new playdate. Funny how softies can have a personality!

  6. I love Mable you are a Winner

  7. Aww, so cute, congrats on the finish!


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