Tuesday, 7 October 2014

folksy fall {a mosaic contest}

Rebecca who blogs at Bryan House Quilts recently participated in a mosaic contest held over at Rachel's Stitched in Color blog. The contest is a lot of fun (as it requires you to peruse fabric!) and is sponsored by The Intrepid Thread.

I thought I'd take a break from the housework and spend a few minutes putting together a mosaic.

Rachel explains everything, but you basically choose twelve different fabrics to form a mosaic that expresses the theme of 'Folksy Fall'. My first mosaic consisted of browns, greens, reds and blues. With a whimsical print that probably shouldn't be in there, but I love it!
My second mosaic is based upon this folksy fabric:
Rustique - Yes Dear in Navy
Rustique by Crazy Old Ladies for Michael Miller. Yes Dear in Navy.

In Australia it is currently spring time, but I have no trouble at all in thinking of all things autumn. Spring and autumn are my favourite seasons, probably because of the milder weather. 
Folksy Fall mosaic #2

So if you have a few spare minutes, why not create your own mosaic? Two participants will win their bundle of fabric!


  1. I like your bundles, particularly the second one with that fabulous deer fabric. Such a great interpretation of the Folksy Fall theme.

  2. Some lovely mosaics there. Love, love, love the deer fabric, Jeneta.


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