Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Wide Mouthed Frog

 My children love to read books and we are fortunate to have a great variety of picture books. Some of these are 'special' books, meaning they are not kept on the regular bookshelf for my children to help themselves. This is usually because they are a little out of the ordinary, such as this family favourite. It is a pop up version of The Wide-Mouthed Frog.
The wide mouthed frog

The wide mouthed frog meets a furry brown mouse.
The pop ups in this book are fantastic (though you probably can't tell that by my dismal photos - I really did try my best!). They will fascinate and delight every young reader over and over again. It is because the pop ups are so fantastic that this book would not survive on our regular bookshelf - little hands would not be able to resist touching them with great enthusiasm!

Since we love the book so much we decided to make our own wide mouthed frog! Here is how we did it:

 We painted a paper plate with green paint (or you could glue green scrunched up tissue paper all over it - whatever is on hand!) and cut out shapes from paper; green legs, green eyes, a red tongue and white eyeballs. We then used a black marker to draw pupils on the white eyeballs. You will also need a glue stick (no mess!).
                                   Fold your paper plate in half.

                                   Glue the tongue to the inside.
 Glue the front legs to the bottom (green underside) of the paper plate body, either side of the tongue.
                          Fold the longer back legs as shown.
           Glue the back legs to the bottom (green underside) of the paper plate body.
Glue the eyeballs on to the eyes.
 Glue the eyes on to the top of the paper plate body, folding them back once they are in place so that they stand up.
Roll the end of the tongue around a pencil to make it curly.
 Ta da! A wide mouthed frog!

 Let's see how many flies these wide mouthed frogs can catch...


  1. Ribbit!!! Thanks so much for our frogs, we had fun making them yesterday (forgot to roll the tongue though ... will go and do that now!)

  2. That is so cool. My kids (and I) love the Wide mouth frog story! Will have to make some. Thanks for the tutorial.


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