Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Peanut Monkeys

Peanut Monkeys in a Tree!
While I was out and about with my four kiddliwinks we came across a bag of peanuts in their shell. While my children have had peanut products many times before, the youngest three had never tried unshelled peanuts. We bought a bag of peanuts, brought them home and cracked open their shells. It was quickly discovered that cracking open peanut shells was fun, but actually eating the peanut was not something the children were keen on! The bag of peanuts was put in the cupboard and left for a few weeks. Each time I opened the cupboard where the bag of peanuts was sitting I thought about throwing them out (after all, nobody was going to eat them), but couldn't bring myself to actually do it. After some feeble attempts to pass them on to other families I decided that we would use the peanuts for something else.

So, the peanuts were repurposed! Here they are as monkeys. Black rick rack made great arms and tails (for some reason we weren't doing legs that day!), while black artline texta provided everything needed for a face.
Red, yellow and green coloured paper was used for the tree and background. A glue stick was able to stick the torn tree strips on, however it was decided that the monkeys wouldn't have a hope of staying on with just glue stick glue. I was unwilling to go to the next level of crafting by getting out some stronger (read messier) glue, so a compromise was found and the monkeys were stuck on using Blu Tack. So everyone's happy!


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