Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Starflower Bee Block for Helen

This is one of two Bee blocks I made for the Rainbow Bee that began this month. Helen was the Queen Bee and she chose this stunning Starflower Block in rainbow colours. Ellison Lane Quilts provided the original tutorial, with a minor tweak as requested by Helen to give the block a slightly more scrappy look. I think this is a fabulous Bee block and am tempted to select it for myself if I have the opportunity to participate in another Bee (will get through this one first - it does last a year!). The block itself is absolutely stunning. As much as I enjoyed making these blocks - there is an immense amount of satisfaction seeing all those points line up - I was glad that I was only making two! I don't think I would throw myself into making an entire quilt top with these blocks. Having other quilters make them for me is very appealing!

I am working on a tutorial for the time when I am Queen Bee and will post it as soon as it is done (though I need to get a move on as it is my turn in December!).

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