Thursday, 11 October 2012

An Abundance Of Lemons

I am fortunate to have two lemon trees that provide us with an abundant amount of lemons nearly all year round. Even after sharing our lemons with friends, family and neighbours, we still have a lot of lemons! Luckily, we like all things lemony and have a variety of lemon recipes to use up all our
lemons. These include lemon sponge cake, lemon meringue pie, lemon slice, lemon delicious pudding, lemon biscuits and lemon curd. I also freeze lemon juice in 1 cup amounts in zip lock bags. Grated lemon zest also freezes well. Unfortunately, most recipes that need lemons only use 1/4 to 1/2 cup of lemon juice in total. One of our lemon trees produces lemons that are so big and full of juice that one lemon alone can yield 1 cup of juice! So, to ensure that our lemons are all used up and not wasted (and because it is so delicious!) we make homemade lemonade.
We don't have a strict recipe that we follow (I say 'we', as this is something that my children love to make on their own) - simply combine lemon juice, caster sugar (it dissolves more easily than regular sugar) and water in a jug. Give it a big stir to dissolve the sugar and you're done! Roughly speaking, in a 2litre jug I tend to use 250ml - 300ml of lemon juice and then fill up with water. Sugar is added according to taste.

 Homemade lemonade on ice in a glass is deliciously refreshing on a hot day (and is even more delicious when you drink it through a straw with a slice of lemon on the side!).

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