Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Block from Lori

This is the stunning log cabin block I received from Lori this month. Lori lives in the US and she also included a few other treasures; two lovely pieces of Christmas fabric and a letter 'M for Masson' ornament! The fabric Lori has used in the log cabin is beautiful. I really love the traditional Christmas colours and designs, as Christmas for me is not just a fun, family time of the year, but one of joyous yet reverent celebration.

1 comment:

  1. I got so excited when I got your package
    and I did a post on the Christmas blog....
    I am sorry I did not e-mail or let you know!
    I love my block! You, as I said on the post are a gifted sew-er and I love the fabric!
    Really :)
    As for the sweet treat ...thank you so very much! It was a true joy swapping with you:)
    The sweet pic of Eli is adorable :)
    My children are smitten with
    his sweet lil-self :)
    Thank you & have a blessed day!
    Yes, Christmas is a very joyous & blessed season!


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