Thursday, 12 June 2014

op shop {treasure}

 A new op shop opened nearby so Eli and visited on its first day of trade to drop off a bag of items. Of course we went inside to have a look around and ended up leaving the shop with a variety of 'treasures'. I was pretty excited about the 2 metres of Very Hungry Caterpillar quilting fabric for $3.

We brought this elephant home so that he could accompany Eli to kindy. This week sees the short 'e' sound on the display table (lots of elephants, eggs, envelopes and Exit signs were brought in!). After that he will make a lovely addition to our animal toys at home.
 Eli's eagle eyes spotted this Buzz Lightyear umbrella in perfect condition for $2. Buzz has accompanied us everywhere and doesn't mind being put up and down, up and down, up and down, even when it is not raining!
 Another great find from Eli is this amazing Tomy branded Tell the Time Owl. Lily is fantastic at telling analogue time, but we haven't yet moved on to digital time. The red button at the bottom left moves the large hand five minutes in a clockwise direction each time you press it. "What does the button on the right do?" I hear you ask.
 This! Digital time revealed. What a fantastic resource for teaching children how to tell the time.
I also came home with a few packs of embroidery threads for $1.
 Some cream cotton tape that will do very nicely for stamping initials on. I like to put the initials of the recipient on items that I make. Another bargain at $1.
This cute little book from the 1960's caught my eye. It is missing some pages and the dust cover is not in great condition, but it was only 20 cents. I love the illustrations and thought they could be used to make some lovely cards.
And lastly (well, only because I didn't take photos of the two pairs of shoes, one pair of boots and two jackets - for me!), I really couldn't leave this little packet behind. The instructions for the "Patchwork bedspread made from left-overs" are taken from The Australian Women's Weekly and is dated August 1st, 1973. Inside are some yo yos, as well as a stack of circles ready to be sewn into yo yos.
Eli and I left our new favourite op shop quite pleased!


  1. Oh my golly gee whiz me, Jeneta.....amazing treasures!! That is one awesome op shop, so, so many amazing treasures. You and Eli did score, didn't you. The owl clock is very cute and I can understand why Buzz Light Year needs to be seen at all times! Oooh love, love the yo yos and of course the cute li'l book, aren't op shops the best!!

  2. Wow , you hit the jackpot with your finds!! Yay for opshops!

  3. *Confession* I still have my favourite Joan Walsh Anglund book!
    All the "new" treasures are fabulous! Lucky you.

  4. Where is it? I'll have to add it to my repertoire! :)


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