Monday, 2 June 2014

messenger bag

I teach a Sunday School class at church each week for the 12 - 15 year olds. One of the girls celebrated her birthday last week so I decided to make a messenger bag as a surprise gift. Of course, I used my own tutorial!

After showing her fifty thousand photos of fabric under the guise of getting to know her better I worked out she told me that her favourite colours are purple and green. Preferably darker purples and greens. With that in mind I decided on the beautiful purple fabric for the flap. It's called Sew Chick by Benartex.
 This fabric is a quilting cotton, so I reinforced it with some heavyweight interfacing. When I use decor weight fabric no interfacing is needed. The rest of the bag is made using black denim. I don't usually prewash my fabrics, preferring to use colour catchers when the finished item is first washed, but I make an exception with my bags. I prewashed the denim (not the purple quilting cotton!) and ironed it before cutting out my pieces.
I love the purple zipper inside (and let me assure you that it is straight in real life!).
Thank you Jed for modelling the bag!
So, that feels like it is messenger bag 457. Zoe pointed out that I have made over 20 messenger bags but I haven't yet made one for her. Good point. I'll get on to it. And one for Lily. And myself.


  1. Oh my.....this bag is to die for!! Love it!! That Sew Chick fabric is thinks I need some!! How lovely of you to make such a special gift for this sweet girl....she will remember her gorgeous bag and you forever more!!

  2. I love your messenger bags! It's so funny how you showed the recipient lots of photos of fabrics. You certainly picked a gorgeous one. I wonder what fabrics you'll choose for Zoe , Lily and you.


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