Wednesday, 25 June 2014

family photo competition

One of my submissions. I love the red of the berries against the crisp white tufts of snow. Obviously not taken in Perth!
Our church recently ran a photo competition which was a lot of fun. We are fortunate to have two digital cameras to use, so we set aside some time once a week prior to the competition and went out as a family for some photographic inspiration.

I was so proud of the shots that the children took! There was a category for the youth, who were allowed to submit one photo (any subject) and three categories for the adults (my children would have loved three categories for the youth too!).

These were their submissions:
Eli - Want to race?
Lily - Pink Flower
Zoe - Autumn Trees
Jed - Leaves
Taking time out to take photos together was a great experience. There will likely be another photo competition next year; already my children are seeing potential winning shots around them. I noticed that their sense of perspective, composition, use of light and 'getting in close' to avoid wasted space developed throughout our photography sessions. Prior to our photo sessions I was hopeful that they would have some shots that were in focus (each photo was enlarged to A3 size). They far exceeded my hopes!

Zoe has even submitted two photos to our annual shire photography competition - something she wouldn't even have noticed was being run had she not had her photographic senses awakened. In addition to Autumn Trees she submitted this one:
Zoe - Beyond the Park Bench
These were my other submissions:
Jeneta - Christmas
Jeneta - Sledding Fun
Just in case you were wondering, the child in this photo (Zoe) was perfectly fine!


  1. Oh my goodness.....all these photographs are sublime. My favourite??? I can't choose a single one. My you are a family of clever photographers.....aren't you!! Where oh where is that glorious building in your Christmas Winter wonderland shot......amazing!!

  2. Wow! Lots of fabulous photos!! What a wonderful activity for you all to do together. Taking photos is such a great way of really looking at what's around, all theses photos are such a great example of that.

  3. Oh my, I love them all!! I think that the Masson family will be coming home with a clean sweep of all the prizes!!! Who came up with the names? Very clever!!

    By the way, I happened to be looking through a book of photographs with David last night, taken by some famous fellow in the 1940's ... there was a photo of the Mormon temple in Utah and I remarked that there was no gold statue on top, but now there is - I wonder when they started adding them to the temples?

  4. I don't know what I would do without my camera. I seriously would be lost and have no purpose. It's sad that the kids got only one category, they are capable of so much more. Amazing, amazing photos, all of them! It is so great that all of you did this together. Good luck to Zoe, there's a wonderful world waiting for her out there through the camera lens :)



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