Saturday, 7 June 2014

needle book {swap}

This is how I currently store my needles. It's not very practical (see those needles stuck across the middle? I can't even get those out!) and certainly not very pretty. I think I've had my needles stored in this since the mid 90's. It is definitely time for an update!

When Amy over at Amy Made That! announced the Need A Little Needle Book Swap I was very keen to participate. I've been meaning to make myself a needle book for such a long time and just haven't. Participating in a swap means that I will definitely end up with a needle book. Isn't it funny that we are always good at doing things for others, but aren't so great at doing things for ourselves.

 I have been given the details for the person that I will be making a needle book for, but I don't know who will be making one for me (and I think I like the idea of a surprise!). I thought I would showcase some needle books that I like to make it easier for my secret partner to choose the style and fabrics. Having said that, I would love any needle book that was made just for me, no matter the style or fabrics!
Needle book images courtesy of Pinterest
Bottom left: photo from Nana Company. Top right: photo from em ay kay ee {make} Other photos courtesy of Pinterest.
I think I'll make my partner's needle book using the tutorial found at Nana Company. I'm not saying what fabrics I'm using though!

I'll post photos when it is done. Because I haven't started yet! In the meantime, if you would like to see what everyone else in the swap is making (there are 57 swappers participating) have a look at the swap's Flickr group


  1. This is going to be lots of fun, isn't it Jeneta. I, to am participating Me thinks a cute li'l cottage for my swap partner. Hope you find time to stitch a li'l this long weekend!!

  2. What a fun swap.It's fun to see the examples you've included in this post. I've got a few needlebooks and I find them so useful!!

  3. Super cute! I should make myself one!


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