Sunday, 18 May 2014

tail feather bag pattern {a winner!!}

Thank you to everyone that entered the giveaway. We have a winner! As blogged about previously here, Zoe was given the responsibility of coming up with a creative way of choosing a winner, which was inspired by Rachael Daisy's method that can be found here. 

So, I'm handing the rest of this post over to Zoe, who has taken photos of the selection process and explained how she randomly selected a winner!

Everyone's names were written on pieces of orange or green paper.
 All the pieces of paper went into the box. From there I asked Dad to pull out ten names. The remaining names were put into this jug. Not pretty, but one of Mum's favourite kitchen items.
 From the jug, another ten names were removed. The rest went in to this jar.
 From this jar eight names were pulled out (Eli did this).
The rest of the names were spread out on the table. Using a straw I sucked up papers until only three were left.
 Red, yellow and blue tags were put on three jars and on the last three names.
 I asked Mum to pick a colour. She picked blue. 
The name on the blue paper was... 
drum roll please...

Crafty Tokyo Mama!!

Mum has sent an email to Crafty Tokyo Mama to inform her of the good news. Thanks to everyone who joined in. I will try and convince Mum to have more giveaways on her blog!

PS No Softies were harmed in any way. And the entire family has assured Eli that his softies are not part of the giveaway and will be remaining with him.


  1. Lol well done.xx

  2. LOL!! This is so cute! I love the way Zoe got the whole family to help. Sucking up with a straw was a great idea. This method really makes giveaways fun doesn't it. It makes me want to have more giveaways too. I'm glad you were able to assure Eli that you weren't giving his toys away.

  3. Congratulations to the lucky winner!

  4. Well that do beat all!! So much more fun than the normal random number process. So, so glad that those cute as cute softies were not harmed or psychologically damaged in any way!! Congratulations Crafty Tokyo Mama!!

  5. Hey, Jeneta, thank you! And thank you to Zoe, Dad, Eli, and Mum as well. Blue is my favorite color, and I guess now I can say it's also my lucky color! I am looking forward to making up this adorable bag. I might have to make the bird green and yellow like my chatty budgie. ;-)
    I'm doing Sew Kitschy, too, so will be following your progress. These giveaway days and sew alongs are so much fun. I really enjoy meeting friendly folks around the world like yourself! Thanks again!!

  6. Oh my goodness! I love it! What a fun way to pick a winner! And for the whole family to get involved.

  7. Hello Jeneta,

    What a creative way to pick the winner. Congrats to the winner.

    happy days.

  8. Hilarious! Your family sound like such fun! Zoe is very resourceful and "thankyou" Eli for showing us your special softies.


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