Tuesday, 27 May 2014

retro mixer

I am behind in my Sew Kitschy blocks. Except for this month. This month I am in front! I paper pieced this block back in October last year to test the pattern for Kristy.

Kristy's patterns are fabulous. She always designs them so that the seams needed are as simple as possible (no 'y' seams). The instructions that are included with each pattern are easy to understand and cover everything you need to know. And Kristy is always happy to answer any queries.

If I were to make this most adorable retro mixer again I would use a different fabric for inside the bowl. Probably a solid grey. Other than that I love it and it fits nicely with my other blocks. And I'm sure will also complement the block I am yet to catch up on!


  1. I love this block!! Kristy patterns are so brilliant, and your fabrics always look great!!

  2. So clever! What's wrong with the mixer bowl fabric? Looks great!

  3. Another gorgeous block. I must say your blocks are looking a treat. I can just imagine how the finished quilt will look....quite simply delightful!!


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