Sunday, 4 May 2014

key pouches

Front view
On Saturday Jed suffered a broken wrist while playing Australian Rules Football. His injury required some time in hospital, including a trip to theatre under a general anaesthetic to set the bones. While he was in theatre - which was late at night - I was at home busying myself with all sorts of things so as not to become a major worry wart.

I knew Jed was going to be fine (Tim was updating me regularly from the hospital), but I also know myself quite well by now and decided that a bit of sewing would be helpful.

Heidi recently posted a tutorial for making key pouches that I really wanted to try. So, Saturday night became the night for key pouches!
Ready for stitching
 Heidi's tutorial is fabulous; clear and logical it was very easy to follow. Cutting out the fabric took the most amount of time. I went with a boy theme with these. No reason why, except that I tend to do more girly things than boy things so I thought I'd mix it up a bit.
Back view
I used a 7" zip for my two key pouches - that's what I had in my zipper box - but I would recommend going a bit longer (at least 8") to make it even easier.

Eli hasn't seen these yet, but I'm guessing he'll claim one when he does.

Oh, and Jed is fine! We go back to the hospital in a week for another xray and if all is well a fibreglass cast will be put on.

I am very, very thankful for the excellent medical treatment Jed received!


  1. Thank God for sewing to stop you worrying as much. It's great to hear Jed's okay. Those little key pouches are a fun idea, and love how you used car themed fabric.

  2. Oh dear, children and broken limbs, so glad that Jed is okay. Yes indeedy, a li'l stitching is the panacea for all ills. 'Tis wonderful that it kept you from worrying too much! I must say your key pouches are fabulous. Love, love the fabrics...those cars are really cool. Hugs flying your way!! xx

  3. oh so glad Jed is fine and i love those pouches,well done.xx

  4. So glad to hear that Jed is doing all right. Sewing can be so good at these times. Your key pouches look wonderful!



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