Tuesday, 20 May 2014

spaghetti cake

Zoe's spaghetti cake
Zoe and I had some fun on the weekend! Our church hosted a talent show, which included a baking category. We decided to enter and enjoyed creating our cakes.

Zoe's cake looked like a plate of spaghetti, but was constructed using a carrot cake, cream cheese 'spaghetti', ferrero rocher 'meatballs', raspberry 'bolognese sauce' and white chocolate 'parmesan cheese'.

The recipe for each component can be found at How to Cook That.

This was my contribution. A cheesecake that looked like a giant Oreo biscuit. The recipe for this can also be found at How to Cook That (yes, Zoe and I love that site! Ann is an extremely talented baker and has some fantastic ideas and recipes. If you are looking for a special dessert or birthday cake, you must have a look at Ann's creations.).
The centre is a no bake cheesecake, while the top, bottom and Oreo details are baked.
 Both cakes were absolutely delicious!


  1. Oh my golly!! These cakes are so much fun!! That spag bol cake looks so real, and your giant oreo is so brilliant.

  2. Wow oh wow! Aren't you and Zoe just the cleverest of patissiers.....Adriano Zumbo has nothing on you two!! Zoe's spaghetti cake looks like the real thing and your oreo cheesecake is a gastronomical delight. Quite simply amazing!!

  3. both very clever,what fun.xx

  4. Hi Jeneta - oh wow - they are SO clever! well done you both of you on such clever creations - & great pics too!!

  5. They are both brilliant!! Love them :)



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