Wednesday, 28 May 2014

finish power & pure {7 day detox}

I have always been interested in keeping things simple and as healthy as possible, so when Retro Mummy posted about participating in a 7 day detox for your home I immediately volunteered.

I already use Finish tablets in my dishwasher (for which I am very grateful for!), so I am more than happy to trial a new product. I don't always use a tablet however. Every second or third cycle I swap the Finish tablet for bicarb soda. I also throw in about half a cup of white vinegar (or fill up the rinse aid reservoir with it). Doing this still washes the dishes (on a regular cycle) and it also cleans the innards and plumbing of the dishwasher. I have never had a smelly dishwasher!

Of course, the dishwashing tablets are only one small part of my home detox. The most difficult product for me to do without will be my Domestos. I use it to clean inside the toilet bowls. I detest toilet brushes and will not allow them in my home! So, I will just have to find a non chemical alternative. I dug out this book and am excited to see what gems it contains.

I've had it for years, but haven't utilized it like I should.

I'll post a review of how I detoxed my home in a week's time.
 In the meantime, if you have any tips I would welcome them!


  1. does this REALY mean... cleaning up? ...OH NO! I'm allergic to housework xx lol x

  2. It'll be fun to hear your green clean adventures!

  3. Good for you!!! We're slowly but surely trying to change our ways in our home. We have a line of products in the USA called Better Life that I really like. However, they don't have a toilet brush replacement :/ I really need to figure out what to use in my front-load washer to get that nasty smell out of there. It's apparently a big issue, but I didn't know that until AFTER I bought it :( Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!!

  4. Real quilters don't do housework - or they try not to!!!

    Though it will be interesting to see what you have done - just in case I go mad and want to clean something!!:):)

  5. Vinegar is the swiss army knife!! It's fantastic. I use it for dishwasher too, great for removing hard water spots. I also use it for my front-load clothes washing machine, vinegar is great for moulds too. Oh, baking soda and vinegar makes great scrubbing agent, and it's fun to see the mixture fizz :)

    Have fun playing!
    -Soma :)


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