Sunday, 16 December 2012

Teacher Gift: Apple Jug Rug

Zoe's jug rug straight out of the washing machine!
Zoe made this 'jug rug' for her teacher! Zoe's teacher always has a jug of cold water on her desk. Apparently the condensation on the outside of the jug results in a little puddle on the desk around the bottom of the jug. Zoe thought that a 'jug rug' would be useful. An apple block was chosen because, well, traditionally that's what students give their teacher! I thought it was a fabulous idea.

I helped by paper piecing the apple and Zoe did the rest. As the apple used a red fabric, we washed the jug rug with a few colour catcher sheets (available from the supermarket in the laundry product aisle). Not a run in sight (though the colour catcher sheets were red when they were removed from the washing machine!)! I love it when products do what they are supposed to!

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