Monday, 24 December 2012

Plump Partridges

Plump Partridges hanging in the lemon tree (we do have some pear trees but they are small the partridges chests would be scraping the ground. Perhaps next year!)!
I have made about 25 of Modest Maven's Plump Partridges in a variety of fabric combinations! While everything worthwhile doing takes time, these are quick for such a cute looking ornament.

I chose non traditional Christmas colours for all my partridges so that they can be displayed all year round. They look so pretty sitting on a shelf or hanging from a doorknob.

I have three more to make before Christmas Day and then the rest can go in the box I recently purchased for finished projects for next year! I like the idea of having a box full of lovely hand made items. Let's see if I can fill it by, say, August? 

So, what's your favourite colour combo? Are you a traditional fabric partridge or a more contemporary fabric partridge?


  1. Those partridges are very cute!! I couldn't pick a favourite combo, they're all so pretty.

  2. I love traditional Christmas colours, but the soft pink partridge is just too cute! Well done, it looks like a lot of hard work! :-)


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