Sunday, 9 December 2012

Reindeer Noses

Ever wondered what reindeer noses tasted like? A friend shared this idea with me and I thought it would be a great gift for teachers. Although only three of my children go to primary school, they have nine teachers all up! Three are main classroom teachers and the others are either assistants or teach them part time (e.g. physical education).  These will be given on their own to teachers or with a more substantial gift. We just happened to have Maltesers and Jaffas in the cupboard so ten of these were put together in ten minutes.

Materials Needed For Each 'Reindeer Noses' Bag:

8 Maltesers
1 Jaffa
Self adhesive sticker (or creative alternative!)
Pen (for writing on the sticker!)
Cellophane bag (or zip lock bags)


  1. Replies
    1. And so quick! I left my three older children to it and came back to find them all finished. Got to love that!


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