Monday, 31 December 2012


My sewing machine is being serviced at the moment. Right before Christmas (just after I finished up all the Christmas gifts) she started doing some funny things; skipping stitches, not taking up the bobbin thread after threading and a few other oddities that are not usual for her. Despite giving her a bit of a de-fluff and a quick clean inside, she was still behaving strangely. So, off she went to the kind man who makes her better!
Still looking good after all these years. Just a shame it doesn't actually work any more!
No machine means no sewing  I could have tackled some of the mending that needs hand sewing, but let's not mention that!), so I thought I would take the opportunity to cut out my swap blocks for the month of January, as well as some of the Bee blocks for upcoming months (I thought it would be a good idea to get ahead for these where possible!). Just as I finished the last block my faithful rotary cutter called it quits. The blade keeps popping back in to its safety guard when I attempt to cut fabric. I have had this rotary cutter for...a long time! It is my original and only cutter and must be at least 12 years old. So while it served me well I am now not able to sew or cut out any more quilt blocks!

Messenger bag pieces cut out. Just need my machine back to put this together!
Undefeated I decided to cut out some messenger bags for the boys, as I can do this competently with my (new - thank you Santa!) scissors. I am using the tutorial from Zaaberry and hope mine turn out looking just as cute (well, maybe not cute for Jed's bag. Perhaps 'cool' would be a more appropriate word to use for a nearly eleven year old!)!

I took a trip to Spotlight this morning to purchase another rotary cutter (I was hoping for one exactly the same as my previous one, as it has been such a joy to use all these years), only to return empty handed (okay, not empty handed, but without another rotary cutter!). Spotlight had a very disapointing selection of rotary cutters and the one I longed for was not among them. But, do not be concerned, I found one on ebay and it is being shipped from the US for a total cost of $16. Yes, sixteen dollars including shipping! I tried to shop locally and then online in Australia, but I wasn't prepared to pay three times the amount for the same product. Coming from the US does mean that I'll likely be using my scissors for the next few weeks, but I'm okay with that (because it was only $16!!)!

Now, while I have your attention, I tend not to get too fixated on New Years Resolutions (I prefer to have ongoing whenever-I-need-to-modify-things resolutions throughout the year!). This year, however, I have decided not to buy any fabric during 2013. It is going to be difficult, but I can do it. I can. I can. I can. Will just have to enter every quilting fabric giveaway on the web instead.....


  1. WOW!! NO fabric buying!! Good luck x Hope the New Year is a good one and brings you all you hope for xx

    1. Have already bought fabric (sigh). Perhaps I should have rephrased it as 'use up what I have' !!

  2. Oh no! You're having a bad run, aren't you?! Must be something in the air ... I had to drop my sewing machine off at mum's house the other day because hers is jammed and will need to be taken in to be fixed. No sooner had I dropped it off that I came across 4 different things I really needed to run though the machine!! Oh well, might just have to drop them off at mum's house too!!! :-)

  3. My machine is back and sewing beautifully! Just waiting on my new rotary cutter. Luckily I cut out a few blocks before the old one died so have been working on those.

  4. I really need to use up a load of my stash, but i just keep finding more I can't resist! Good Luck downsizing your stash. : ). Visiting from P&J Monday link Up

  5. My machine is in the shop at the moment too, I was hoping to stretch it out to the end of the school holidays but she was being very cranky! It's funny how much you miss them when they're not around.

  6. My machine is in the shop at the moment too, I was hoping to stretch it out to the end of the school holidays but she was being very cranky! It's funny how much you miss them when they're not around.


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