Tuesday, 1 July 2014


I have been spoilt. My lovely friend Lisa surprised me with this amazing book in the mail. I LOVE it!! Lisa knows that I enjoy paper piecing, but her thoughtfulness extended even beyond one of my favourite quilting activities because...
 Lisa had it signed just for me! And my name is spelled correctly (doing the happy dance)! Caroline is one of the pattern designers and just happens to be a friend of Lisa's. I'm feeling pretty special right now. Like I've just met a celebrity.
This book is absolutely beautiful. The designs and projects are inspiring. And there is a cd rom for printing off the patterns (no bulky paper patterns in a sleeve at the end of the book). Genius!
Twelve of the paper pieced blocks are cleverly themed so that they can be arranged into a quilt calendar.
 Or used in a separate project. The full instructions are given for these as well as the calendar.
I have been considering this sewing machine cover.
 And this beautiful Christmas box. Look at that bunting!
 Or perhaps this sweet bag.
 Maybe some cute houses.
Or this adorable round apple pouch.
This book is flawless. If you enjoy paper piecing, or would like to begin paper piecing, I highly recommend this beautiful book. The projects range in difficulty and complexity, ensuring there is 'something for everyone'. There is an extensive introductory chapter on how to paper piece, as well as tips and ideas from the designers of each project.

I will end how I began. I am spoilt!


  1. You are spoilt....you lucky gal! Gorgeous book, so many beautiful projects. You will be kept busy for a li'l while!!

  2. What a great book! It would be hard to choose which project to make first. I love the calendar idea!!

  3. Such clever designs - but they look so tricky/fiddly! I think I'll stick with basic blocks, but I can't wait to see what you create next! :-)

  4. What a great friend you have. Being from Oregon and having lived in Corvallis myself, I must say, those Oregonians are sure creative and giving! ;-) Thank you for introducing Lisa and Caroline. I'm always on the lookout for good Oregon blogs. They are my link to home.

  5. I love that you love the book!! Of course, I loved the package from you with all the goodies!!

  6. This looks like the most amazing book! My sister is quite an expert at paper-piecing, and I'm going to show this to her. So much beauty in there, and the CD would be SOOOOOO convenient for printing!


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