Monday, 7 July 2014

Finish Along {Q3}

Finish Along 2014
I made progress on my Finish Along list for the second quarter, but I didn't actually finish anything. I got very side tracked with other sewing projects which, fortunately, I did finish. Mostly. But that's okay - it just means I have lots to choose from when I make my list for the third quarter of the Finish Along.

Want to see it?

 1.  The improv cushions that Zoe, Eli and Lily designed. These are in various stages of progress, but they're only pillows right? Pillows are much smaller than quilts, so I should be able to finish these.
2.  Poor Mable Monkey. She was on last quarter's list and didn't even get looked at, let alone finished. I think she will get done this time; the kids are on school holidays and Lily has started pleading with me to finish Mable. Lily can help me.
3. And because a list is not really a list with only two items on it, my second Scrappers Delight. This is my second because I cut an excessive number of strips for the first quilt!
4.  This one is on the list because I'm a dreamer. My Scrappy Trip Along.
5.  This last one is on the list because I'm feeling the pressure. Lily's Star Wars king single bed quilt. I've done two blocks...

So, these are my lofty goals for the next three months (amongst all of the projects that will pop up along the way. I really do have a concentration span greater than that of a goldfish!).

I love lists. Are you a list person?


  1. I must confess I have never been a list person....the page just never seems to be long enough!! Those projects are coming along nicely. The improv cushions are delightful and Mabel the Monkey is cute. Lily will have oodles of fun helping you to finish her. Love, love, love your second Scrappy Delight. Your placement of colours and patterns are a visual delight. The colours are popping with vibrancy!!

  2. Oh poor Mabel, You just have to finish her!! It's a great mix of different projects to keep you interested for the next 3 months.


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