Thursday, 3 April 2014

growing a pineapple

We have decided to grow a pineapple. My mum is in her seventies and has a small courtyard with a very productive garden bed. She grows all manner of fruit, including pineapples. Mum has harvested two pineapples in the last 12 months.

So, inspired by my mother, we decided to have a go at growing our own pineapples. After a quick phone call to Grandma, Eli explained what we had to do. Cut off the top. Plant it in the ground.

So we cut off the top and planted it in the ground. And then I read a bit about growing pineapples here and quickly dug up the pineapple top and removed the flesh and lower leaves.

It is now back in the ground and seems to be happy enough. Have you ever grown a pineapple? Incidentally, it is planted next to a large bush that has these flowers on it (just a reminder that it is autumn here right now!).
The same bush has red flowers as well as yellow flowers on it! Does anyone know what this magical plant is? The flowers don't change colour; they either appear as red or yellow. Amazing!


  1. It's so funny you had to go and dig it up again . LOL. I hope it grows a pineapple. I've never grown one but we've had pineapple plants with baby pineapples in the flower shop at times. I've never seen or heard of the yellow and red flower bush, I hope someone knows what it is.

  2. Alas our chilly climes aren't conducive to growing pineapples....I am afraid that they would turn up their toes and perish. Kudos to you for being able to grow them. I must say that it makes for a lovely photo sitting there in your garden. Let's hope that pineapple juice will be trickling down your chins soon!!

  3. Hello Jeneta - just popping in to see how you are going - wow how great to grow a pineapple, I hope it's a success for you!
    Just letting you know that I have put information on my blog about a GetTogether for Perth bloggers soon... it would be wonderful if you could come along...

  4. Hi Jeneta ,that is very interesting about the pinapple,wish we could grow them in vic but it is too cold where i am.
    Good to see you going along to the WA bloggers meet you will have so much fun as they are such lovely ladies,have fun and i am looking forward to hearing all about it.xx


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