Monday, 14 April 2014

hair clip holders {tutorial}

I am very fortunate to have some very clever friends. One of my friends has been making these fabulous hair clip holders and invited me to make some with her. This is where I disclose that she did all of the work while I chatted!

This particular hair clip holder is for Zoe. I rummaged through my fabric and chose two very different fabrics for Zoe and Lily. You can see Lily's at the end of this post!

Want to know how to make one? They are very simple, cost effective, useful and they make great gifts for girls.
Cover a canvas with your chosen fabric. Our canvas is 30cm x 25cm (12" x 9 3/4") and we used a hot glue gun to secure the fabric to the back.
Make sure that the fabric is stretched fairly tightly across the canvas. If you are using fabric with a directional print ensure it is placed in a way that is pleasing to the eye. In this case that meant no wonky chairs!
On the back of the covered canvas mark the placement of the ribbon. We used four lengths of ribbon. To space the ribbon evenly, divide the length of your canvas by one more than the number of ribbons you would like. For example, for a 30cm long canvas requiring 4 ribbon strips:

30cm divided by (4 + 1) is 6cm.

So we marked our ribbon placement at 6cm intervals.

When working out the length of each ribbon, add 10cm (4") to the width of your canvas. Our canvas was 25cm, so we cut our ribbon lengths to 35cm.

We used ribbon that was 2.5cm (1") wide.
Check your ribbon placement measurements by placing the ribbon before gluing.
Hot glue in place. We secured all the ribbons on one side before turning the canvas around and gluing the opposite end of each ribbon. Make sure that the ribbons are pulled tight.
If you'd like to hang your ribbon holder, secure a piece of ribbon - loop style - to the back. Cut a piece of white cardboard and glue to the back to cover up the innards. Or not. If it is to be kept against a wall you won't see the back anyway!
Attach your hair clips and admire your creation!
These look great in a variety of colour combinations. Lily's is the holder with the purple ribbons!

A big thanks to my lovely friend who allowed me to ride her coat tails for these!


  1. What a great tut! If only Miss 10 was a bit younger and still wore clips etc.

  2. Very cute and a fun way to your favourite fabrics.

  3. They look awesome!! I especially like the elephants ;-)

  4. You are full of good ideas!... but this one is about a dozen years too late for me!


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