Monday, 14 April 2014

princess leia

I have finally made a start on Lily's Star Wars quilt. It's about time. There was a bit of a hold up while Lily and I searched for a background fabric we both liked, but after deciding on Space: The New Frontier by Benartex there was no reason to delay the start of this quilt any longer.

Except for not having any brown for Princess Leia's hair. We are enjoying two weeks of school holidays right now, so we made a family trip to the fabric shop to purchase brown fabric. Or hair fabric if you ask Eli.

A little while later and Princess Leia emerged. Minus her facial features which I will hand stitch later. Much later.

So, who will be next? Chewbacca? C3PO? Take your pick - Kristy has designed them all!


  1. C3PO - he's my favourite!! Your Princess Leia is very cool. You couldn't have found a more perfect background.

  2. Love the choice of your background fabric. I can't wait to see your finished quilt - not to mention seeing it being made. It is on my bucket list of quilts to make - I just need time to stand still for a while so I can get a good head start.

  3. Fantastic!! I love the background fabric - perfect!

  4. Agree with everyone - that background fabric is perfect! :-)

  5. What a fun quilt!! I am fascinated to see what character you come up with next. The background fabric is very cool!!

  6. Your Princess Leia quilt is amazing!
    Lucky Eli!


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