Wednesday, 26 March 2014

the mending pile

 My mending pile never disappears, though recently it was reduced to almost nothing. One of the items on the pile was a pair of jeans for Eli. Handed down from Lily they were fantastic jeans, mostly because they had an adjustable waist. Both Lily and Eli have a very slim build which makes it difficult when it comes to buying pants or shorts that fit. It's a bit tricky running around while holding up your pants with both hands because the waist is too big.

Why were the jeans on the mending pile you ask? Because Lily wore out the knees. I usually throw clothing away when it is completely worn through (after harvesting the buttons!), but the adjustable waist in the jeans prompted an idea.

I cut off the legs just above the holey knees and bound the edges (just like a quilt!). And now Eli has a fabulous pair of shorts with a waist that fits him perfectly.
Old made new again. I love being thrifty. Do you have any great thrifty ideas?


  1. Good on you for giving those jeans a new lease of life as stripey edge shorts!! They look ready for fun adventures!!

  2. What a great idea! My mending pile is huge. I feel like just dumping it into a bag to donate.

  3. Love Levi's 'new' jean shorts!! It's amazing how a lovely trim on the hem has transformed them into a really cool fashion statement. Mend...nooooo......upcycle yeeeees!!


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