Saturday, 1 March 2014

little things

School has been back for four weeks now and it has been busy, busy, busy! I have been sticking to my 'drop and give me twenty' commitment during the month of February but it hasn't been easy!

The day before school started for 2014 I found myself whipping up these little drawstring bags using Svetlana's tutorial.
 As you can see by the size of my hand, they are fairly mini.
 This year on the school book list we were required to purchase a small white board for Lily and Zoe. Of course you can't have a white board without a white board eraser. And if you have an eraser you need a little bag to keep it in. Nobody likes to dirty up the inside of their pencil case with white board marker residue.

While I was playing with drawstring bags Zoe was supervising some cool 'fossils' for Lily and Eli to enjoy. We have had a very hot summer, so frozen animals that needed extracting was a very appealing activity!

It is the first day of autumn here, but we are still enjoying summer weather. It's a swim in the pool and a bbq for dinner!


  1. Very cool drawstring bags there, Jeneta, love the fabrics. What a cool idea freezing the animals. You are swimming and I am wearing a cardie!!

  2. I love your drawstring bags, Of course you need bags for the white board erasers!! Those frozen dinosaur fossils are an awesome idea, they look so cool , hee hee, and make surreal photos.

  3. Naturally...Mummies must come up with last minute essentials . . . just as school is starting!
    Lucky kiddies to have you as a crafty Mummy. Those bags are perfect.


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