Saturday, 22 March 2014

my biscuit tin

We don't 'do' cookies in our house. We are Australian so we have biscuits. Chocolate chip biscuits. Anzac biscuits. Raisin and oatmeal biscuits. All kinds of biscuits, but no cookies. When I finally sat down to catch up on my February Sew Kitschy block I was reminded that Kristy designed February's block as a cookie jar. Despite singing the song 'Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar' as a child with great gusto (my mum is Canadian!), I wouldn't be true to my Australian heritage if I made a cookie jar. So a biscuit jar it had to be!

I was pretty pleased with my free motion 'writing'. Even though I left the white bobbin thread in so that it gave the writing a speckled look.
I like it! I'll like it even more when I wash off the blue disappearing ink!!


  1. Pretty! I need to get busy on mine.

  2. love it xx I have biscuits too x

  3. Awesome block !! I thought you had hand embroidered Biscuits, I'm impressed you did it with your machine. It's going to be Anzac biscuit time soon! Yum!

  4. Impressive free motion embroidery!!

  5. Just love the retro Aqua and Red, and the embroidery is perfect!
    I made Hot Cross buns yesterday... but they didnt last long enough to go into a container!

  6. I love your biscuit jar and would like to have one just like it in real life :). Beautiful font/ handwriting!!!

  7. Love the writing!!! Great biscuit tin!!!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  8. Quite right, Jeneta, us Aussies love our biscuits!! How wonderful does your biscuit tin look. The lovely blocks of yours are shaping into what will be an amazing quilt!!


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